The Benefits of Having a Tight Vagina to Your Relationship

Most of the times couples will shy off from discussing issues concerning their sex life. The kind of silence witnessed when it comes to this matter has broken many unions. Your sex life is essential just like your love life. Ladies are the most affected when it comes to maintaining that happy sex life because of the problems they encounter. They may face illnesses related to their reproductive health which might even see them abstaining from sex for a while. A loose vagina can deny them the joy they want when it comes to sex. It occurs when the muscles of the vaginal walls loosen.

There are great vaginal muscle exercises for women that will help them in regaining their tightness. Kegel exercises will help strengthen the pelvic003 muscles and aid in restoring their tightness back. One thing that can cause your vaginal walls to loosen is old age. As you age, the muscles that help in making your vulva tight tend to become inactive and loosen up. You should devise methods of keeping your genitals tight even at old age. Pregnancy can be another cause of a loose vagina. When giving birth, the pelvic muscles subdue to a lot of pressure which makes the cervix loose. You should engage in procedures that will help you get back that tightness sometime after delivery. Having a tight vagina is vital for your relationship in several ways which include.

Improved sex life

A tight vagina will help improve your sex life. Having a tight organ will provide the grip and penetration needed to bring about that enjoyment during sex. You will find yourself reaching multiple orgasms because your partner gets to hit the pleasure spots. Find ways of regaining your tightness to enjoy the moment with your partner.


001Most cases of infidelity have been linked to poor sex life. Many will sneak behind their couples back to look for the sexual fulfillment they need somewhere else. A loose vagina may make your partner cheat on you because they do not get the pleasure they need. Make use of the different vagina tightening methods that will see your partner stick by your side because of good sex.


Happiness is said to be a pillar of most relationships. People settle for those who they find joy in when together. Cases of insecurity or cheating because of a poor sex life can bring about gloominess. A tight vagina adds up to a good intimacy life which will bring about happiness in a relationship or marriage union.