A Headache And How To Beat Them

Chronicle headache

ache-19005_1920These types of headaches can be very stressful and annoying, and there is often no cure that can treat you, only something that can soothe your pain. They come up periodically, and they can last from one hour to days.


How many times have you heard how somebody complains about migraines? This is especially common among woman. When they are describing the pain, they always mention one side of the head. It is presented as a constant pain of the one part of the head. Sometimes these patients can’t stand the light, and they feel nausea.

Cluster headache

This headache is very strong; according to statistics, only one man of one thousand suffers from this sort of a headache. It is more common among men than women. The pain is mostly concentrated around one eye and pain is so strong that they call it “suicide disease.”


Sinus headache

girl-504315_1920Sinus problems are more than often. When they become inflamed the problems come up. Sometimes the main cause if this problem is an infection. In other cases, the simple cold can be the cause. If the infection is it about that, we definitely should use antibiotics as a treatment.

A headache caused by high blood pressure

The main cause of these headaches is like I have mentioned a very high blood pressure. People who have this kind of problem are very endangered when they are under the stress because the pain increases with the increment of the pressure

Periodical headaches

Periodical headaches are, as it said in the headline, a type of headaches that appears from time to time. The causes are very different. The reason can be from very uncomfortable bed to your period symptoms if you are a woman of course. Sometimes you can get a headache because you were too long on the wind. This all depend on how sensitive you are. Stress can be one of the causes, too.

Surprising headache triggers

This kind of headaches are often related to some personal traits such as weight or with what you have eaten during the day. Sometimes the drink that you have you drunk can be the cause. There are easiest to avoid when you discover what causes them. If you succeed this, you will be able to avoid all unpleasant situations.

Tension headaches

These headaches are the most common ones. It is a constant ache or some pressure around the head. The pain is the strongest around the neck or back of the head and sometimes around the temples. They are not so severe like cluster headaches or migraines so that they can pass without vomiting or nausea. You can use an aspirin ibuprofen to treat it and kill the pain. There is no familiar reason and its cause, but some scientist says that the reason can be a contraction of the neck and scalp. They shouldn’t present any problem during daily activities. They are not so often and they can’t harm you so much.